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Who needs Diet Coke? Pour me a glass of protein please! Photo by http://www.meltingmama.net/

You know, I hate Diet Coke!  It’s just my opinion but since I am entitled to that, I think Coke is morally bankrupt and I won’t drink coke products.  Of course I don’t really drink any soda or POP as we call it in WV. BUT, let me ask you…. do you stop and watch the Diet Coke commercial with the sexy guy? Haha. I plead the 5th.

This is a protein commercial, err I mean review. See photo above?  That would be Remy, he works for Chike protein. He is a very nice guy, and he is not too hard on the eyes either. Much better than the Diet Coke dealio…

Seriously… I love Chike protein in ALL flavors. It taste like a milk shake instead of a protein shake.  I absolutely love this one mixed in a blender with ice. I also love it mixed in a shaker cup with water and poured over ice. It mixes smooth and has a smooth refreshing taste. I love to mix the bannana with strawberry and the bananna with orange. Experiment with flavor here. All and all this is a great drink when mixed plain with water, but when you doctor it up with love the possibllities are unlimited. Try a Chike protein drink in your ice cream maker…. mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Chike is a meal replacement drink and it has vitamins, protein and everything we need for a meal. What are you waiting for give them a try.  You are going to love Chike… This protein gets a 10 star rating from me…

There is a button for a free sample on their website plus they have free shipping for orders over $20 code freefall  http://www.chikenutrition.com/index.html

Tell Jason and Remy hello from Teresa…


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Is your stuff any better for me than chocolate?

Too many years I spent stuffing ice cream, twinkies and rasin bran down my throat, trying to find some comfort from my own emotions. Today I am 7 years post op and I am amazed at things that go on in the bariatric industry.

For the past 4 years I have attended the ASMBS and I have seen vendors almost argue of who’s product is the best. I have seen name calling and at times what I thought might escalate to physical violence. I have seen products come and go. Do any of you remember AchievOne? God that was good stuff right? We all loved the protein latte in the glass bottle and thought we would be devistated when it went away…. then came replacements. We survived. My friend Jill told me if you put your Bariatric Advantage Vitamins on Autoship you get free shipping and that you can add PROJO in on that.. If that is so, Tom Kinder you made a believer out of me. I will be placing an order.

Honestly I have worked in the bariatric industry long enough that I want to ask some people WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

You better believe I recall sitting in the preop seminar as they went over the possible complications of surgery. You better believe I was the first one to notice hair loss over death in the complications list. Now at 7 years post op I realize how silly I was.

People, please understand this surgery is serious.  Abnormally low lab values are found in most of us preop. After surgery it only gets worse. Forgettabout your hair and look at the big picture. I lost tons of hair, it came back. There are people out there who are getting iron infusions, and who have permanent nerve damage from lack of vitamins.

I work with post ops everyday who have vitamin deficiencies and complications such as rickets, beriberi, and neuropathy. Thank you to Andrea Ullberg for creating a lab book for us post ops. It will be available at the OH event in Houston. If you have never heard Andrea speak about labs and vitamins I hope you get that chance. I remember the first time I met her and she started spouting normal ranges and high lows off her head. I was blown away.  You can find her blog at http://wlsvitagarten.com/

One more thing, if you are going to sell products in the bariatric world, please don’t practice fat hating. We can feel that!  I go to many OH events, ASMBS and other WLS related functions. We notice when you tell us what we “should” do and when you cross your arms as if to block us out when you talk to us. I weighed 385 pounds I was super morbidly obese, and I had weight loss surgery to save my life so that I could begin living and not merely existing.  We judge ourselves enough when we are obese, please we don’t need help with that.

It’s one thing that you want to pour protein and vitamins down our throat, we might actually like your product. But show us some compassion. We are human just like you, only prettier! Bless your heart.(ok, yes I do love that song)

Now let me come off my soap box and tell you about some great people in the Biz…

BJ’s Bariatrics He is a very nice man, I don’t believe I have met his wife. He is a patient and I believe she is as well. Bob has shown nothing but kindess and consideration at the events and when you place an order it ships right away. I can order today and have it tomorrow. I know that all depends on where you live, but ship time is great.

Connie Stapleton, Mary Jo Rapini and Margaret Furtado. These ladies are speakers and authors as well as medical professionals, I have  books by all three of them and love their writing. I have been fortunate to have met and spent time with all three of them.. KUDOS to you… for your service to the bariatric community.

Chike Protein, and Click Protein… both of these companies are wonderful… I have felt loved and supported by both of them in my post op life… Trust me when I say a chocolate chike mixed with click is amazing (1/2 scoop choc chike,  1 scoop of Click either flavor… Kudos to your protein and to YOU.

WLS Lifestyles Magazine… Love this publication.  They focus on wellness and treating the person with obesity as a whole person “mind,body and soul” … Kudos to Dan and Rebecca and the staff, and writers in this magazine. (note:yes I do write for them, but I would love them even if  I didnt)

Bloggers thank YOU all for telling your story… We all have a story and something to share.. thank you all…

Obesityhelp.com for your continued support of our community. You give us great resources with the magazine, the message board and the events. Kudos to you and for all you do.

I see things differently now that I have lost 225 pounds and my vision is no longer clouded. I chose to support companies that are operate from integrity, who have compassion for our community and who speak the truth.

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