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My daughter is a baker, and I sometimes wonder where she developed that talent. After all it is a big deal for me to spray pam in the baking pan for preheating.  It pains me to say, when my children were little, I certainly did not spend a great deal of time creating beautiful foods. I was generally busy starting IV’s, working double shifts and such. I can’t change those things but I sure can look back at all the lessons I learned. Thankfully my daughter is taking the time to not only create wonderful meals for her family, but she is teaching the kids how to work in the kitchen with her.

My daughter Megan on the other hand creates some of the most beautiful dishes of food, not to mention her desserts. She makes fandant cakes and hand paints them. This cake is one of my favorites. This is a deer that she hand sculpted and then painted. Honestly it would be hard to eat these cakes, I would want to just look at them.

Beautiful Abundant Fall

Megan is an artist, not just a baker and she puts a lot of love and creativity into each cake.  If you are reading this and you are one of my West Virginia/Virginia readers I encourage you to get in touch with this young lady for your cake needs. She can do anything she puts her heart into doing… I know… because the Acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Thanks for letting me take a minute to share my daughters beautiful work.

Oh yeah and her lil helper is my sweet lil grandson Hayzea Rafael (note:Gramma’s angel)

I Believe we have the Next Top Chef!


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